The Power Press Will Get You Ripped For Burning Man

“You got a floor? You got a gym. (Again)”

Give the gift of health, confidence, and pure aesthetic excellence. The Power Press is a great all-rounder as it can basically be gifted to anyone – maybe leave grandpa out of this though…

This nifty (and super portable) little workout station utilises a ‘Plug and Press’ feature, where the user chooses from a selection of easy-to-follow, color-coded push-up positions which target specific muscles and promote proper form – essential to strength training (and looking like Schwarzenegger in Predator).

Comes with a god-damn calendar too.

To really hit then the gift-for-all schtick home a tad more, the Power Press Push Up comes with a convenient workout calendar, designed for all average Joe’s of all fitness levels. Maybe we can cut grandpa some slack after all.

Not one, not two, but THREE workout phases

The workout calendar uses three workout phases and the particular workout of the day (or WOD for all you in the know) can be followed along on Power Press’ YouTube channel – nothing spells honouring your commitments like being part the global Fitspo community, eh?