Stay Dry & Look Ridiculous With The Double Canopy Umbrella Hat

“Because to Hell with the elements” 

If you’re sick of going fishing and coming home redder than a pumped pussy, you, my friend — are in luck. Here’s a handy little miracle gadget that’ll save you from both the sun’s harmful rays, and the unforgiving rain. This is The Double Canopy Umbrella Hat by Hunter’s Tail.

*Looking ridiculous is a price I’m willing to pay for the benefits the Umbrella Hat brings*

Perfect for fishermen and outdoorsy people

The double canopy umbrella is perfect for fishermen and other outdoorsy people due to its heat reflecting properties. It also collapses down into something you can conveniently store in your fishing bag or carry around.

The headband attachment comes in a variety of sizes and fits most adults. So, pick up one of these today and enjoy the freedom of fishing without the worry of harmful UV rays boring through your delicate human flesh.