Ladies, Rejoice: You Can Now Relieve Yourselves Wherever The Hell You Want

“Hey everybody — I.P. Freely” 

We rarely get a chance to post many female-oriented products on here. It’s not that we’re assholes (we are), it’s just that good ones are just hard to come by.

Look, anyone with a basic understanding of female biology will have a grasp on the potential of this product right here. No, we haven’t used it. No, we haven’t tested it. No, we don’t know any girls who have. We have no friends.

*Discreet, reusable, funnel-shaped urination device that provides a revolutionary bathroom option for women to go anywhere – concerts, porta potties, camping and more; no more crouching.*

Introducing The GoGirl Urination Device

The GoGirl is a portable bathroom solution for females. No longer be confined to disgusting festival porta-loos that you have to line up an hour for. Just whip out the device, and go for it right on the dance floor instead (or the bush like a normal human being)

It’s moisture resistant, antimicrobial and 100% latex free. A bunch of smart-ass doctors have designed it using medical-grade silicone, and it even wields a splash guard to avoid getting it all over other ravers on the dancefloor. Doctors fucking rule.

It’s super portable and fits in your purse, pocket or glove compartment.