Be A Menace With This Nasty Prank Idea: Fake Parking Tickets

“Hey, buddy – way to park like an asshole”.

The number of times I could have done with a set of these in my glovebox. For every pathetic parking attempt, I’ve seen. For every teacher that pissed me off in school. For every car on the street that is nicer than mine (pretty much all) – I’m coming for you…

Perfect for the holiday season.

Summer holidays? Bored out of your brain? Mom or spouse suggest you clean your bedroom/garage? Not a chance, I’m going out to ruin somebodies day. In all honesty, I feel these should be kept in your car for when you witness the parking of true “screw everyone else in society” proportions. If you see something, say something. Walk over without hesitation and slap one of these on their window, then pat yourself on the back for letting someone know that it’s your planet too. 


Whatever your intention, whether it be utilizing your summer holiday time wisely, creating a state of panic and havoc in your local neighborhood via this funny prank idea, or just completely and utterly wasting your useless life – these fake parking tickets are sure to cause a stir and get a laugh or two. Yes, this is truly the epitome of funny, harmless pranks to get on the nerves of innocent people worldwide.

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Troublemakers

✔ Bored kids on holiday

✔ Anyone looking for great prank ideas for friends

✔ Those with a reckless abandon for society

✔ People who hate asshole parking attempts (me)