Night Caddy: A Bedroom Life Hack I Wish I Owned Years Ago

“Turn your bed into an organizational superstar”.

When scouring through the shopper’s paradise known as Amazon, very few of these ‘life hacks’ jump out at me and make me go “HOLY BALLS, I NEED THIS!”. To be fair, it’s been a while since I’ve stumbled upon a bedroom life hack that I would actually insta-buy. Until I found the Night Caddy Deluxe Bedside Organizer

Double your real estate, double your fun

Listen up, that poor excuse of a nightstand you call your bedside table? It’s officially become redundant. Don’t throw them out yet though. The whole point of this life hack is to double your surface-storage real estate via a simple yet brilliantly designed clip-on bedside solution.

Free up the clutter on your bedside table so you can finally display the things that really matter, like the freshly decapitated heads of your enemies. Check out these photos.

*Made from durable ABS plastic and aluminum. Organizer dimensions: L 14″ x W 5.2″ x H 4.4″. What is included: 1 organizer, 2 attachment rods, 1 attachment bracket, 1 dual USB charger and 1 six foot power cord.*

It charges 2 mobile phones

Yup, you heard me right. You thought it was just going to be a hunk of basic plastic you slide under your bed? Well, you’re dead wrong. The Night Caddy Deluxe Bedside Organizer, master of all bedroom life hacks, lets you charge 2 devices simultaneously, and includes a 5V, 1-2.1A, dual USB charger and 6 ft, 120V US power cord. It plugs right into the base for convenience and looks frickin’ neat. There are a few more photos via this Amazon link.

Organizational skills are sexy

By the way, if you’re into keeping organized, why not check out our review on the Every Day Calendar as well? It’s an absolute hit among those of us who prefer not to act like an unorganized piece of shit.

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Dorm students or soon-to-be dorm students

✔ Organizational freaks who get horny for bedroom life hacks

✔ Messy assholes who leave shit all over the floor.

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