The Best Self-Stirring Mug On Amazon? A Life Hack That Actually Works

“LEADNOVO: For when you’ve officially given up on life”. 

I mean, come on. How much lazier can you get than this? Your miserable day has barely even begun and you already can’t be bothered to stir your own damn coffee.

At least, that is one way of looking at the Leadnovo Self-Stirring Mug. At Cursed Frogurt however, we’re all about fair and balanced reviews, so here’s an alternative perspective…

This is literally the greatest invention since The Negg.

Ok look, I know I only just reviewed The Negg yesterday. And while I didn’t think it could get any better than a boiled egg peeler, the internet has once again presented me with another invention that could’ve only been thought up by the likes of Nikola Tesla.

Alright, alright — so what is it? I’ll tell you what it is, you stupid idiot. If you hadn’t already looked at the image or read the title, it’s a mug that automatically stirs your drink for you. Throw all your teaspoons out the damn window, boys and girls. We won’t be needing them where we’re going: Self-Stirring Beverage Town…

“Look ma, no hands”

Whether you see it as lazy, or downright genius, there’s no denying the fact that this thing serves a very functional purpose. And that is to free up your hands for more important things, like sending inane messages on Skype to your colleague who sits literally in the cubicle next to you, cos you’re that fucking lazy to actually perform any form of real social contact with anyone besides your mom (and even that’s barely a phone call every 9 months).

So, sit back and continue plodding along with your meaningless life, as you patiently wait for your mug to achieve the perfect mix consistency and beverage temperature.

“Free your hands, far away from the life that stir the beverage by spoon”

This was actually on the product description. Holy fuck I swear I hired the same translator on Fiverr once. The quality and depth of translation are remarkably similar, i.e. complete and utter shit.

*Mug is made with food-grade material and top-quality stainless steel that can keep your drink warm for up to 4 hours. Comes with 1 year warranty and a customer service hotline that you can harass.*

Holy smokes, 2 God-damn buttons

The Leadnovo Self Stirring Mug features a start button which operates the stirring mechanism so long as you are holding the switch down. Alternatively, you can shove in 2 AAA batteries into the base of the mug, which gives you access to another switch on the handle. This is the holy grail of the life hack, aka ‘hands-free mode’ which automatically stirs your drink for you.

Oh and it has an angry cat face, so you can prove to your colleagues and family members that you’re edgy AF but also deep down you are a cute animal lover.

Final thoughts

This isn’t the first self-stirring mug out there. There have been similar coffee mug life hacks out on the market, which received moderate success but also loads of complaints about leaking issues. Adapt or die, as they say. Leadnovo, a new competitor, has come along and re-invented the product, without any of the faults of the previous iterations. Good work guys, just try get a better copywriter or translator next time.

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Office jerks

✔ Tony from the IT department

✔ Lazy maggots worldwide

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“Free your hands, far away from the life that stir the beverage by spoon…”