Peeling Boiled Eggs Driving You Insane? Try The Negg.

“The Negg: A kitchen life hack that just works”. 

It’s almost 2AM. You’ve got a hankering for a snack but you’re sick of cereal and you’ve consumed enough spam and processed meats that you’re beginning to think you might develop colorectal cancer any day now. You notice there are 6 eggs left in the pantry. Right, egg sandwiches it is…

…Actually nah, screw that — because peeling eggs is a bitch. Guess you’ll just eat shredded cheese out of a bag again like the loser you are.

Well, fuck that.

Get eggcited. This is the kitchen appliance you’ve been waiting for.

“There must be an easier way to peel hard boiled eggs!”. NASA have been trying to figure this out for decades and are still stumped.

This thing may appear to be a simple device. And that’s because it is. However, The Negg single-handedly been responsible for revolutionizing the egg world since its inception, by a lovely lady by the name of Bonnie Tyler. And no, she is not related to Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, just in case you were wondering.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, you shake it, and it comes off. Need more details? Here you go…

STEP 1: Add a 1/4 cup (a Negg capful) of water to the Negg. Add the hard-boiled egg in, and snap on the top cap.

STEP 2: Shake the damn thing about 4-12 times, you’ll begin to feel the thrilling sensation of the eggshell softening. Try not to overstimulate yourself.

STEP 3: When you begin to see the egg reveal its glorious, buoyant white skin, it’s time to stop.

STEP 4: Pull the egg out and you’ll be able to simply remove the shell from the egg.

STEP 5: Swallow the damn egg whole like a ravenous python.

STEP 6: Please do not perform step #5. I do not want to be sued.

Do yourself a favor and stop hand-peeling boiled eggs.

Damn son, it comes in all sorts of awesome colours too. I’m a changed man since buying this. I guess you could say I am no longer a former SHELL of myself. Sorry I had to throw that one in there. Or would you prefer more of my eggcellent puns? Eggsactly, no, you wouldn’t. Ok, enough of this tomfoolery. Here is a video.

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Eggheads

✔ Kitchen hackers

✔ Chefs and busy parents across the globe

Image result for negg egg peeler gif

Looking at this makes me just want to lay down and die.