Optimize Your Busy Life With The Every Day Calendar

“Become a master of habits”.

I’m not gonna lie, I want this pretty bad. There is the age-old adage that you can greatly improve your skill in something if you just do it every day. Big or small, the tried and tested methods of “rinse and repeat”, and “practice makes perfect” have stood the test of time, and for good reason – they work. 

Enter, The Every Day Calendar.

Making commitments is easy, keeping them is hard. Luckily, the great people who make The Everyday Calendar have laid out some simple steps to help you on your path to habit building and life-hacking!

How to get started with the Every Day Calendar.

1. Read this list. You’re doing great so far.

1.5 Get an Every Day Calendar. (Using the ”.5” somehow makes this feel less pushy)

2. Set a goal for yourself. “Being healthier” is a great intention but let’s make it more tangible than that. I struggle a lot with stress, so my goal was to meditate every day.

3. Lower the bar. Make it something you can do even on the most chaotic of days. You can always do more on days when you have more time. My goal was at least ten minutes of meditation a day. 

The Every Day Calendar works for tracking non-daily habits like watering plants, changing your contacts, calling your granddad and period cycles.

4. Hang the Every Day Calendar in your home, office, workshop, cavern, laboratory, castle, barn or boat. Just make sure that it’s someplace where you see it every day. The Every Day Calendar is 0% internet connected, so no apps, wifi, Bluetooth or computer programs are needed to set it up. Just plug it into the wall and you’re ready to go.

5-∞. Live your best life with the Every Day Calendar.

Stylish as hell.

Look at it. This thing looks like a piece of art. Beautiful, glowing strips of honeycomb-shaped PCB’s, laid out in a horizontal monthly format. Even if I was to fail miserably at any habit I was trying to form (guilty, almost always) I would still be 100% happy to have this as a feature piece on my wall. Sure, it may not sit quite right next to your Monet, or your Poopin’ Pooches calendar, but I’ll be damned if this doesn’t spruce up any surface you hang it on. 

Check out The Every Day Calendar in action…

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ People who have trouble keeping to commitments

✔ Those who take pride in their home

✔ Life-hackers/self-optimizers

✔ Everyone, including me (I’m buying two.)