Avoid Unnecessary Situations With These Color Coded Pet Leashes

Keep your pooch safe

Who here owns a dog, has been out walking, and has often felt that bolt of terror shoot up their spine when a child runs up and terrorizes it with love from a face to face level? I know I have. In fact, I know A LOT of people that have. With this friendly dog harness you can take the preventative measure of warning others about your dog’s temperament in advance to avoid accidents and unwanted confrontations.

Styles for days (aka dog years)

Not every sidekick needs to be kept on a leash. There are those that are free to traverse all terrain, feeling the power of the earth under their mighty paws. These creatures know the rules. They live by the letter, not the law.. They are Dog 2.0. For reasons such as these you will be happy to find that these warning leashes actually come in a variety of styles and fits. Bandanas, coats, harnesses, collars, leashes, vests (made of real gorilla chest) – you are covered, whatever you decide.


Color combinations for all moods

No, it’s not like those mood rings that your crazy aunty tries to push on your every Christmas day. These products actually come in a myriad of colors and messages for every type of canine. Does your dog not play well with others? Does your dog have special dietary needs? Or is your sweet pooch just a bit of a nervous wreck when out in public (I can relate). Don’t worry, they are covered for just about every occasion. Save yourself the worry and kit out your wee pupper today!

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Dog owners

✔ Dog walking businesses

✔ People who hate lawsuits