WalkingPad: Are Foldable Treadmills The Way Of The Future?

“You got a floor? You got a gym…”. 

For better or for worse, excuses for not keeping fit are disappearing by the year. Today, you can have healthy meals and groceries delivered to your door, more workspaces are offering complimentary fitness sessions to their employees, and foldable mini treadmills are becoming so small you could fit them into the palm of your hand.

OK, maybe not that small. But still.

Just look how tiny it is, though. It’s so compact while folded up, that you could easily fit it under your bed, or even couch as the photo above shows.

The WalkingPad offers you a convenient way to get your 10,000 steps in a day, without taking up room in your house or looking out of place. With no bulky legs or stands, this foldable mini treadmill is the perfect fitness solution for small homes and offices.

*Upon folding up the treadmill, it measures a compact 2.7 feet long x 1.8 feet wide x just 5 inches thick.*

How the heck do you use it?

Look: operation is dead easy, even a numbskull like myself could use it. All you have to do is place the foldable treadmill wherever you want, unfold it, and then start it up (and stop it) using the remote. They’ve even included the ability to use a handy app on your mobile phone to control the treadmill. Sick.

I was unable to find any official product videos of the WalkingPad, but somehow stumbled upon this ASMR video of it being demoed by a smokin’ hot lady. Be my guest and watch it — nobody’s going to judge you.

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Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Fitness freaks

✔ Health buffs

✔ Anyone who needs to get in shape

WalkingPad Tiny Folding Treadmill

This is the future right here, people.