The Yoda Bookend. Best Budget Star Wars Gift Ever?

Yet another Star Wars collectible…

I’m not even a fan of Star Wars but I think this is just awesome. I can’t imagine how titillated actual Star Wars fans must be just looking at this marvel of technology.

There’s not really much to it. It’s made of metal, and is designed so that it looks like Master Yoda is using the force to hold up your books. I mean, what else do you want me to say about this? 

*It’s endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd, so I guess that counts for something, too. For more info on the Star Wars bookend, click here*

Fuck yeah, Star Wars…

I guess I could try and insert a few Star Wars puns, or maybe Yoda quotes to help sell this product, but all I know about the series is that there was a smoking hot princess with a cool haircut, then some guy got into a big battle with his Dad or something then lost his arm and fell into a pit and then the movie ended.

Then there was another episode I think where there was like a 45-minute scene where the main guy had to fly a ship into an orb to press a button and then the movie ended or went into adverts or something.

The original cast of Star Wars. They just don’t make them like they used to.

I guess the point is that pretending to know anything about Star Wars is going to take more research than I can really be bothered to do, and there is really no point because I’ve already reached my target word limit now anyway.

Just buy it, I guess.

We have now come to the end of the article where I leave you with a cool video demoing the product. However, because it’s just a god damn book holder thing, there is none. But please feel free to head to the page where you can buy the thing.

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Star Wars fanatics

✔ Bookworms

✔ Nostalgic gift lovers

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Why does his head look like a cabbage with ears?