Pizza Slice Plate Set: The Perfect Gift Idea For Pizza Lovers

“Pizza Slice Plates are back in fashion”.

Hang on a second. When were they ever in fashion? Regardless, why the hell would you not want a set of these? The Pizza Slice Plate Set looks ridiculously cool, and pretty inexpensive too. You can grab a whole pizza set for under $20 while they are still on sale.

*Each set comes with six melamine plates. Dimension: 9″ length. For more info and reviews, click here*

Pizza lovers are frothing at the mouths to get their hands on these

Reviews are largely positive, with many commenting on the quality of the plates all round. The Pizza Slice Plate Set even comes packaged in-theme as well, yup – in a pizza box. Bloody priceless.

If you know someone who loves pizza, or if you’re looking for a gift for a pizza lover who’ll be having a housewarming soon — then look no further. This is really the supreme height of pizza-lover gifts. It doesn’t get much better than this… feel free to check out more details on Amazon.

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Pizza lovers

✔ Ninja turtles

✔ Housewarming hosts

pizza slice plate box set

God damn I love pizza.