Store Your Stationary In This Ancient Roman Relic

A tale of betrayal.

To this day, historians worldwide still dispute why Brutus backstabbed his best mate Julius Caesar. Many attest that it was because he had become too power hungry, and had hence become a liability to the success of the Roman Empire. While this is indeed plausible, a little known alternative theory is that it was actually because he kept stealing Brutus’ pencils as a devious little prank. Unfortunately for Julius, he got what was coming: a spine full of pointy things.

*Heavyweight painted resin, about 7½” high. Made using PLA plastic, an eco-friendly plastic derived from biodegradable plant material. Pencils not included. For more info, click here.*


None of this actually matters. It’s just a god-damn stationary holder.

Regardless of what theory you decide to believe in, the Roman Empire was a complete and utter disaster anyway, and all they have left to show for it are a bunch of stupid stones and a salad. In their honor, some clever people have designed this useful little stationary holder that transports you back to 44BC so you can go ahead and re-enact Julius being backstabbed. Slide pens or pencils into the holes of his spine and roar like an emperor as you do it.

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ History nerds

✔ Roman empire buffs

✔ Shakespeare fans

✔ …Those who think Latin will get them anywhere in life.

Organise your desk in military general style.