Because Science – EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

Self-sustaining prophecy.

Why didn’t they have this shit when I was a kid? All we had was the freeze-dried semen of Sea Monkeys that you add water to and HEY PRESTO, you have created life. This thing looks pretty cool, and apparently they have been around for a solid 30 years which leads me to believe they could be responsible for the demise of the Sea Monkey franchise.. 

Let there be life!

Inside each EcoSphere are active micro-organisms, small shrimp, algae and bacteria, each existing in filtered sea water. Because the EcoSphere is a self-sustaining ecosystem, you never have to feed the life within. Simply provide your EcoSphere with a source of indirect natural or artificial light and enjoy this aesthetic blend of art and science, beauty and balance.                 

 – eco-sphere.com

According to a bunch of user reviews, some shrimp inside the self-sustaining orb of Holiness have lived 10+ years! Just what the hell is this thing!? Does it hold the key to unlocking the power of the universe? Probably. Dr Carl Sagan is an Ecosphere owner and he certainly feels this way. In summary, unless you think you are better than Carl Sagan, you should probably own one too. 

Science, etc.

The EcoSphere works on the basis that a closed ecosystem recycles its nutrients and does not produce excess waste. The shrimp consume the algae and micro-organisms and they, in turn, break down the shrimp waste. External light, either artificial or natural, keeps the algae growing. There are no feeding or water changes required – EVEN A GRADE-A BOVINE LIKE YOU LITERALLY CANNOT STUFF THIS UP.

Did we mention it comes in MANY sizes?

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Curious humans

✔ Those struggling for Christmas gift ideas

✔ Fans of science, shrimp, life

✔ Literally everyone