NiceRink: Build Your Own Backyard Ice Rink

Why bother sharing the pitch with anyone?

Hell, if I can get the benefit of endless hours of ice skating, without the hindrance of having to dodge other families and their spawn – then why the hell not. This right here is a game-changer in the holiday season, home improvement realm.

*Simple installation that dad can do in 5 minutes (several hours)*

An ice rink in a box 

Not very often does one have the facility to just go ahead and erect a ginormous hockey rink in their backyard. These are some times we are living in. When I was a kid all I had was a hole I dug, and a bunch of rocks and sticks that I would pretend were superheroes… 
Enough of my devoid-of-a-decent-upbringing nonsense, let’s talk size – coz when it comes to ice rinks, bigger is arguably better. 

NiceRink caters to all needs, with sizes ranging between the entry-level 24×44 ft version, to the whopping, eye-glazing, Don Mega 52×104 ft monster! Hell, you want it bigger? They’ll even customise that shit for you – Sky is the limit, my amigo. 

The kits come with pretty much everything you will need to build these bad boys, minus the side boards and a few basic tools you will need. The Nicerink website is super informative and has plenty of helpful instructional videos on how to build it. We saved you the trouble and have posted one right here –

*The kit comes with 34 ice rink brackets, 1 massive heavy duty rink liner that you can lay down under the rink before you put the water in, and 1 roll of patch tape, all which will allow you to create your own ice rink that’s 40 feet long x 20 feet wide. Check it out here*

So there you have it folks. Don’t line up like a sucker at the local rink, only to have other humans get in your way and mess up your flow. Build your own goddam ice rink in your backyard so that you can become the future Wayne Gretzky in your own time, on your own terms, because fuck other people and God bless ice rinks.