12 Stocking Stuffers For Men That’ll Change Their Life

Unprepared for Christmas, as usual? Stumped on the perfect Xmas gift ‘for him’ again? Looking for the perfect holiday gift guide? Don’t worry, you are in safe hands. We’ve scoured the internet for the latest and greatest Xmas gift ideas for dad, the boyfriend, the brother, or really just for any special guy friend in your life, really.

Stop being a boring gift giver. We’re sorry, but we don’t want “funny t-shirts”, “tissues and sanitizers”, or another boring phone case.

“All killer, no (stocking) filler”

Figuring out the perfect Xmas gift idea for him can be hard. Half the challenge is balancing a fine line between ‘unique’ and ‘thoughtful’. The last thing you want to do is to give an Xmas present that feels like an afterthought,and we’ve taken this into great consideration in our list. Hey, if you’re the type that likes giving funny gag gifts for Xmas, we’ve got you covered there, too.

There’s something for everyone here, whether he’s an outdoorsy-type person, musician, photography fanatic, foodie, Star Wars fanatic, and more. 

Anyway, enough crapping on. Here is our 2018 list for our 11 favourite last-minute stocking stuffer ideas ‘for him’ that aren’t totally boring.

#1: Star Wars Kettle Bells

*Master the power of The Darkside with these Star Wars Kettlebells*

There is something to be said about holding a single piece of iron in your hand, and with it, being able to forge the physique of the Titans that any guy so longingly desires. Enter the kettlebell – the height of masculinity, and an enabler of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

These Star Wars Kettlebells are not your run of the mill, mom and pop store crap. These bad boys right here will let your boyfriend or hubby master the true power of The Darkside. And we know how much you love a strong pair of forearms (if you catch my drift).

Cast in a badass matte black coat, these chunks of professionally cut iron come in 3 designs – a 50lb Boba Fett, a 60lb Stormtrooper, and a 70lb Darth Vader. All are chip-resistant to withstand even the most galactic of workouts.


#2: Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife

*I’ve never been more inspired to go and explore the wilderness…*

This could very well be the perfect stocking stuffer gift for him. It doesn’t get more classic than a pocket knife when thinking about Christmas gift ideas for men. Especially when it’s one of the highest quality in the Swiss army knife business. The Victorinox brand is synonymous with being the best in the game, and for good reason.

There are over 30 functions to equip your man with more than he needs to succeed in his outdoor adventures. Comes with a 2.45″ large blade, scissors, a bottle opener, screwdriver, pliers and corkscrew to name just a few. Not only will he be handy in the great outdoors, but this thing will also be a lifesaver around the house. Turn your man into the handiest man ever with this practical Xmas gift idea.


#3: A Scream Absorbing Jar

*Rare earth metals are used to create the non-ionic charge-coupled nanofibres. Wait, what?*

A bunch of geniuses over in Japan have developed the ‘Scream Absorbing Jar’ that lets you easily quash your frustration by screaming at your heart’s content. 

As stated by the manufacturer, “rare-earth metals are used to create the non-ionic charge-coupled nanofibres which form the thwart-ribs of the shouting bowl. This is needed to exhibit at least a 7th-order tensile strength deflection factor”.

Sounds pretty neat, right? Unfortunately, none of this is actually true. Regardless, this is the perfect gift for guys who are stressed out with work or life in general. Scream therapy is a real thing, you know?


#4: Pick-A-Palooza: the premium DIY pick maker

*Buying individual picks can set you back about $2 a pick at guitar stores. Stop wasting money and make your own damn picks!*

Looking for a Christmas gift for men who partake in both guitar and DIY projects? This ticks both boxes, in a big, big way. Regardless of how much of a guitar ‘God’ one may be, no amount of skill or talent will ever be able to prevent the mysterious vanishing of guitar picks.

The Pick-A-Palooza pack is a wonderful device and the perfect Christmas gift idea for beginner and serious guitarists, as it allows them to easily and quickly produce high quality picks out of old plastic junk like credit cards, hotel room key cards, drivers licenses. Just make sure no one’s actually using them before you start destroying them!

The package comes with a leather pick holder key-chain (holds up to 10 picks), 15 starter strips (.71mm and makes 100 picks), plus a lovely PDF that’s filled with interesting facts about guitar picks. It’s received an average of 5 star ratings on Amazon with almost a 1000 reviews!


#5: Emergency Underpants

*The budget-friendly Xmas gift gag for the bladder conscious Dad.*

Our holiday gift guide wouldn’t be complete without a few cheeky budget gift gags thrown in. Besides, you obviously wield a superior sense of humor if you decide on getting this Xmas gift for your boyfriend or hubby. And there’s a lot to be said about that. Silliness aside, the ‘Emergency Underpants’ serve a pretty functional purpose, of which we need not go into the specifics of. I’m sure we can both agree that the title of this product is pretty self-explanatory…

It’s a great Xmas gag gift, it’s budget-friendly, and it’s useful. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?


#6: Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

*Keep your hot beverage at your desired temperature, for however long you wish. This is the future right here, people…*

If I had the opportunity, I’d make everything have temperature control functionality. My bed, the sofa, my jacket, door knobs, toilet seats — you get the point. A company by the name of Ember may be turning my dream into a reality, one product at a time. Their flagship product is the world’s first temperature control ceramic mug and is a pretty neat device.

It’s beautifully sleek and keeps your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature, as programmed by the owner via an intuitive mobile app. Give your man the gift of warmth this Christmas. I mean, who doesn’t want a nice hot cuppa’ joe that never reaches room temperature?


#7: The Power Press Pushup


Give the gift of health, confidence, and pure aesthetic excellence this Christmas. The Power Press is a great all-rounder as it can basically be gifted to anyone – maybe leave grandpa out of this though…

This nifty (and super portable) little workout station utilises a ‘Plug and Press’ feature, where the user chooses from a selection of easy-to-follow, color-coded push-up positions which target specific muscles and promote proper form – essential to strength training (and looking like Schwarzenegger in Predator).

To really hit then the gift-for-all schtick home a tad more, the Power Press Push Up comes with a convenient workout calendar, designed for all average Joe’s of all fitness levels. Maybe we can cut grandpa some slack after all.

The workout calendar uses three workout phases and the particular workout of the day (or WOD for all you in the know) can be followed along on Power Press’ YouTube channel – nothing spells honouring your commitments like being part the global Fitspo community, eh?


#8: ‘Pooping Pooches’ 2019 Calendar

*Another great Xmas gift gag, but with the added bonus of your money going towards helping out pooches in need*

He asked for it, so here it is… Well, he probably didn’t, but here it is anyway. Nothing brings in the new year like the Pooping Pooches calendar. A pack of dirty mutts, cutting off a clean one in their finest ass-to-grass moment – all caught in spectacular, digital camera resolution.

If you’re still unsure what to buy your boyfriend or husband for Xmas, salvation is here! If being organized is their thing, this deluxe digital calendar might be just the perfect gift for him.

Oh also, for every calendar sold, $1 of their profit is donated to the Maui Humane Society, guaranteeing that many more a pooch can continue to crap on God’s great green Earth for many pupper years to come.


#9: Nerf Prometheus MXVIII-20K

*Take it from us, two 30+ year old assholes who still think they’re 22. The Nerf Prometheus is every man’s dream gift*

There’s no question about it. The Nerf Prometheus MXVIII-20K is currently the undisputed king of toy gun world. There is no beating it. It has the crown.

You might be thinking, “isn’t this for kids?”. Well, you’re not entirely wrong, but aren’t adults just oversized kids anyway? Besides, if you have children, this is the perfect Xmas gift for the husband who needs a great excuse to go bond with the kids over. Hours of fun guaranteed, and the kids will be much easier to put to sleep once they’ve been running around the yard with Dad shooting the crap out of each other. Double-win.


#10: Keurig K-Mini Plus

*Fits anywhere: at less than 5 inches wide, it’s perfect for small spaces.*

Is your boss a lover of useful, inexpensive gadgets? The Keurig K-Mini Plus is one of the smallest coffee makers on the market and is perfect for anyone looking to free up space in the kitchen. It’s also great for those who don’t drink coffee often but want a very capable brewer for guests or special occasions.

The small size and intelligent storage features make this brewer very travel-friendly. We look forward to taking this with us on the road as an alternative to those terrible hotel coffee makers.


#11: The Master Pan

*Get your man to prepare you Sunday brunch without totally destroying the kitchen*

The Master Pan is an interesting little life hack. On one hand, it’s perfect for bachelors. Yet it’s also perfect for pesky husbands and boyfriends that struggle to keep up with the dishes and end up depending on you to do them.

It’s time to put an end to that, and we’re sure he’ll appreciate the fact that he’ll be able to whip up an entire big breakfast with all the trimmings in JUST ONE PAN. Give the gift of time and convenience with The Master Pan. 100% man-approved.


#12: The Gotham Golfcart

*Holy Batman’s balls, just look at this thing.*

In true Cursed Frogurt fashion, we couldn’t write an entire Xmas gift guide without throwing in something completely absurd for you to consider buying. Look, we’re pretty sure that you’ll make local newspaper headlines if you buy this, and that definitely counts for something, right?

This is not your grandad’s golf cart. The adjustable seats are made with real leather, and comes with all sorts of crazy gadgets like cup holders, an iPad stand, and cool lights.

Everything from the Gotham Golfcart’s design and exterior is modelled realistically after the movie, and you can tell they’ve done a fantastic job. Quality comes at a price though, and you might have to sell the kids after you’re done dropping $28.5k on one of these bad boys.