11 Unique Xmas Gifts (2018) For Your Boss Under $40

With Christmas just upon us, it is time to reflect back on the year and give thanks to the people in our lives who deserve it. If you’re one of those fortunate people who actually have decent bosses (you should be grateful), why not consider digging into the kitty and give them an Xmas gift that they’ll never forget?

“Should I get my boss an Xmas present?”

There are lots of good reasons to get your boss a gift. Whether it’s out of genuine kindness, or simply to get that raise or climb the corporate ladder to world domination, these 11 unique gifts for your boss are great contenders to get a reaction. #11 will definitely leave a lasting impression, that’s for sure. Without further ado, here are our top 11 unique Xmas gifts for your boss.

#1 Uroclub: The Golf Club Urinal

*Only golfers will know the struggle* 

Does your boss partake in a bit of golf? Well, if you Google “top ten problems of golfers”, I’m absolutely certain that not being able to drain your bollocks while on the golf course is ranked as #1. It’s now apparent that one company, in particular, has finally filled this gaping hole in the market. For obvious reasons, this gift would be pretty damn useless if you have a female boss. But hey, do what you feel.


#2: An Indoor Head Tent

*Why am I only learning about this wonderful invention now…?*

Has your boss been looking for a more convenient way to enjoy their afternoon nap in the office? Well, look no further. Personally, I’m still amazed as to why I haven’t had the brilliant idea to go out and buy a tent for my head while I lie on the fucking floor. In fact, why am I only learning about this now? Definitely getting one of these myself as soon as I clear this $400k debt.

Hey, corporate life can be stressful — we get it. So, do the right thing and give the gift your boss deserves this Christmas. Like an indoor head tent.


#3: Night Caddy Deluxe Bedside Organizer

*Bosses love control. They embrace organization. And they’ll just love this contraption.*

This one has a special place in my heart. It really isn’t just for bosses. This is for everyone who wants to use a life hack that actually works. That poor excuse of a nightstand we call bedside tables? It’s officially become redundant. Don’t throw them out yet though. The whole point of this life hack is to double your surface-storage real estate via a simple yet brilliantly designed clip-on bedside solution.

Free up the clutter on your bedside table so you can finally display the things that really matter, like the freshly decapitated heads of your business competition. Your boss will not be disappointed.


#4: The Negg: Boiled Egg Peeler

*I absolutely love eggs. I swallow them whole like a damn python. If your boss is anything like me, this is the perfect Xmas gift for them*

Peeling eggs is a bitch. Thankfully, there’s finally an easier way to peel those damn eggs. And who, besides vegans, doesn’t enjoy eggs? They are full of healthy fats, protein, and sexy things called vitamins.

This thing may appear to be a simple device. And that’s because it is. However, The Negg single-handedly been responsible for revolutionizing the egg world since its inception. Got an egg-loving boss? Fucking bingo.


#5: ‘Fucker In Charge’ Name Plate

*The best Xmas gag gift ever? Or a fast-track to unemployment? Use your best judgment, here…*

Two outcomes are possible. Either your foul-mouthed boss loves the shit out of this and gives you a raise straight away. Or they straight up fire you on the spot. Do we think it’s worth the risk? Hell yeah, we do. Give your man the gift of importance with this hilarious (yet daring) nameplate.


#6: Pizza Slice Plate Set

*Let’s be honest, they’re not the best gift in the world. But every self-respecting pizza lover will adore the thoughtfulness of such a gift.*

Alright, so turns out your boss hates eggs. No problem. Next up are the Pizza Slice Plates, that have come back into fashion in a huge way. I mean, why the hell would you not want a set of these? The Pizza Slice Plate Set looks ridiculously cool, and for the price I can’t think of a better pizza-related gag gift. The Pizza Slice Plate Set even comes packaged in-theme as well, yup – in a pizza box. Bloody priceless.

You can grab a whole pizza set for under $20 while they are still on sale. The perfect budget gift for pizza-loving bosses worldwide.


#7: Duct Tape Neck Tie

*Thought the world had run out of use-cases for duct tape? Think again, idiot.*

Unlike any other item in our holiday gift guide, this tie is helping serial killers everywhere express themselves. And they make a hilarious gag gift for your boss or colleague. Is that asshole Steve still smugly walking around the office in his button-down cotton oxford and matching $1200 Vuitton silk tie? Not any more he isn’t. Get him the Duct Tape Necktie – hobo chic, combined with A-list celebrity class.


#8: Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

*Who doesn’t love the heck out of waffles? I know I sure do, and your boss probably does too.*

Ah, Star Wars. Always a safe, niche gift option for those who appreciate the epic space saga. You probably don’t even need to ask your boss if they enjoy Star Wars, as they’ve probably already declared it publically more times than you can remember. Either way, a waffle maker is always a welcome gift at any time of year. Why not go the extra mile for your boss and turn an ordinary gift into the best god damn gift in the world?

Why stop at regular waffles? The Death Star Waffle Maker lets you also make chocolate chip waffles, bacon and cheese waffles, trail mix waffles — whatever floats your space station, really.


#9: LEADNOVO Self-Stirring Mug

*Now this is a life hack I can actually get down with. “Look ma, no hands!”*

I mean, come on. How much lazier can you get than this? Your miserable day has barely even begun and you already can’t be bothered to stir your own damn coffee. At least, that is one way of looking at the Leadnovo Self-Stirring Mug… 

Whether you see it as lazy, or downright genius, there’s no denying the fact that this thing serves a very functional purpose. And that is to free up our hands for more important things, like sending inane messages on Skype to the office underlings who sit literally in the cubicle next to us, cos we’re that fucking lazy.

Gift your boss the gift of time this Christmas.


#10: Star Wars Yoda Bookend

*I know nothing about Star Wars, but this isn’t about me. This is about your boss. If they love Star Wars, get them this. Don’t even think twice about it.*

Yes, yet another Star Wars gift idea for your boss. I can’t imagine how titillated they’d be just looking at this marvel of technology.

There’s not really much to it. It’s made of metal, and is designed so that it looks like Master Yoda is using the force to hold up your books. I mean, what else do you want me to say about this? If your boss enjoys Star Wars, and has a desk that’s messy as shit — they’re going to appreciate this. Guaranteed.


#11: ShitExpress

*If you never return to this site after this recommendation, we won’t be offended. We just hope we were somehow able to help.*

ShitExpress is an online service that allows you have shit shipped off to an address of your choice, anywhere in the world. Need I say more? 

These guys have really gone the extra mile to look after the customer satisfaction of whoever is on the receiving end of this crap. Not only can you send your boss the highest Grade A-quality horse shit, but you also have the lovely option of adding a range of cute decal stickers to the package. A thoughtful addition to the most disgusting thing you can buy online.

Disclaimer: we will not be held liable for you losing your job over this disgusting gag gift.