Totally absurd

This Japanese Company Made A Tent That Covers Only Your Head.

“Is this some kind of sick joke?”. 

Hey, look what we have here. Another questionable product coming straight out of Japan. I’d be compelled to argue this tent for your head is the strangest one I’ve seen yet, but that remark would only stay relevant for the next 10 minutes, before I find the next thing that is more fucking ridiculous than this.

Let’s not jump to conclusions

Instead, let us rationally explore the unique features of the product and the problems it intends to solve…

1) “It is a convenient way to enjoy an afternoon nap while keeping out the cold air thanks to its special coating”

Great, I’ve actually been looking for a more convenient way to enjoy my afternoon nap. The comfort of my own bed just hasn’t been doing it for me anymore. Why haven’t I had the brilliant idea to go out and buy a tent for my head instead while I lie on the fucking floor? Why am I only learning about this now?

It gives me reassurance to know that cold air is kept out, keeping the entirety of my head warm. This is a huge improvement to a conventional bed, which keeps my entire body warm while keeping my head cool. Just magnificent.

2) “You can also use the sealable pocket to keep your phone free of moisture while you watch something as you relax.”

Makes sense. Why ruin a good phone at the expense of keeping your head warm? While lying in the middle of my living room with a mini tent over my head and looking like a complete asshole, at least I can proclaim to all non-believers of this technology that it has a pocket for my phone. That would definitely shut everyone the hell up about how I choose to spend my money.

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Those who prefer their heads warm, and their bodies cold

✔ Questionable people

✔ Lovers of Chindōgu, and pointless, weird gifts

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