Totally absurd

ShitExpress: Send A Box Of Shit To Anyone, Anonymously

“What the actual fuck is this”. 

This post is going to be short. Really not much to comment on here. ShitExpress is an online service that allows you have shit shipped off to an address of your choice, anywhere in the world. Need I say more?

The service supposedly allows you to choose from a range of animal faeces, however, it appears that ‘horse’ is the only one available. Perhaps business has been doing so well that they have simply run out of stock for the others? I don’t really care, nor am I remotely interested to call in to find out.

Oh look, you can pay with Bitcoin

If I was going to trade bitcoin for shit it would surely be easier to simply exchange it for, what I don’t know, Ripple or something. But I do appreciate the offer of a payment option that is encrypted and mostly anonymous. Thanks, Shitexpress.

Free stickers, fucking great

These guys have really gone the extra mile to look after the customer satisfaction of whoever is on the receiving end of this crap. Not only do you receive the highest Grade A-quality horse shit, but you also have the lovely option of adding a range of cute decal stickers to the package. A thoughtful addition to the most disgusting thing you can buy online.

*Only the finest quality in Grade-A horse shit.*

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ The neighbour downstairs who keeps complaining about my music

✔ Scat fetishists

✔ Probably no one

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