Be Unstoppable On The Golf Course With The Gotham Golfcart

“The only golf cart ever worth buying”.

The Gotham Golfcart is really a sight to behold. It’s inspired by The Tumbler, the vehicle ridden by the spandex wearing, rich man who always speaks like he took up chain smoking while still in his mother’s womb. Speaking of which, doesn’t ‘The Tumbler’ sound like a generic name of a gym for stupid babies?

*Measures in at L x 66″ W x 60″ H. (1,400 lbs.). The cart rolls on six course-friendly tires—the rear four are smaller 28″ versions of the originals from the movie vehicle. For more information on where to buy The Gotham Golfcart, click here*

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me”

Batman had some pretty neat quotes. This one becomes even more powerful while imagining our masked crusader doing burnouts on the green before speeding off to sink an eagle in hole #4. Knowing Batman’s obsession with gadgets, he probably also owns a Golf Club Urinal, too (check that out here).

Anyway, The Gotham Golfcart has a few features we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy. For one, it’s powered by a 6-horsepower, battery-powered electric go-cart motor, and can reach speeds up to a staggering 180 mph. Just kidding, it only goes up to 38mph, but that’s plenty to get you from hole to hole. 

Above all, it features TWIN AERODYNAMIC WINGS, which fold around the passenger compartment to protect all who enter its majestic chassis.

Holy Batman’s balls, just look at this thing.

Oh boy, it doesn’t stop there.

Be assured, this is not your grandad’s golf cart. The adjustable seats are made with real leather, and comes with all sorts of crazy gadgets like cup holders, an iPad stand, and cool lights.

Everything from the Gotham Golfcart’s design and exterior is modelled realistically after the movie, and you can tell they’ve done a fantastic job. Quality comes at a price though, and you might be eating Top Ramen for the next few weeks after you’re done dropping $28.5k on one of these bad boys.

Who is this gift perfect for?

✔ Batman

✔ Batman fanatics

✔ Golfers

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“The city golf course needs me.”