ANIMATRONIC: A Living, Breathing Silicone Baby Doll From Hell


I have no idea who the target market is for this kind of product, and I’m honestly a little scared to find out. This shit gives me the creeps.

A Babyclon Animatronic baby is displayed at the Bilbao Reborn Doll Show, a trade fair featuring hyperrealist silicone and vinyl babies, known as “Reborns”, in Bilbao, northern Spain June 11, 2017. REUTERS/Vincent West

The “Real Silicone Baby”

The company claims that this is the “real silicone baby“, which is kind of an oxymoron in itself, but I get it… I guess.

The baby is charged using a standard charger that connects to the nape of the neck and features some eerily lifelike breathing and other baby-type movements like pacifier/bottle-sucking.

*You can customize the doll: everything from hair and eye color, and of course, its gender*

I don’t want to judge, but if you’re into this kind of thing, I probably don’t want to meet you in real life. But hey, I’m happy to have found you what might be the most faithful doll representation of a baby that’s on the market right now.