Satisfy Your Kitty’s Beauty Needs With The Cat Eye Mask

“The beauty accessory your cat never knew it needed”. 

In a world driven by ego, fuelled by ‘likes’, ‘comments’, and ‘retweets’, maintaining one’s self-image and online presence is of paramount importance. This is, of course, no exception to cats.

“Dammit Janet, not this crap again…”

Fortunately, we now have the ‘Eye Mask/Muzzle Beauty Product For Cats’. Check it out here.

“Can make the cat to go to pet hospitals to ease the excitement, but also help them accept pet beauty”

The Engrish product description raises a lot of questions, many of which I rather not try and figure out myself for fear of a brain haemorrhage.

*The cat muzzle is fastened by nylon buckles, and easily adjustable to fit a variety of cat sizes.*

Though what I have deduced from this product is that it fulfils the following:

Calms your cat during vet visits or bathtime

The blindfold reduces aggression

Made of polyester fiber

Out of these 3 promises, I think it’s safe to say that the only thing guaranteed is the polyester fiber, and even that I’m dubious about.